What To Do When Your Website Isn’t Converting

June 20, 2019

So you’ve made your music lesson website live – congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards getting more music students.

“If you build it, he will come”

– Field of Dreams

I’m sorry to say that the “Field of Dreams” quote doesn’t apply here… the work needed to grow your music studio doesn’t end with simply publishing your website!

Is my website appealing to potential students?

In any marketing situation, it’s important to think of your target demographic and figure out what appeals to them. For most music schools, the target demographic is going to be parents. Make sure to:

  • Have photos of people who look happy and look similar to your target demographic
  • Tastefully use colors to help draw the eye where you want it to go
  • Clearly explain your studio in a friendly and inviting manner

Are people arriving to my website?

You can have the most beautiful, perfect music lesson website in the world, but if nobody is arriving to it, of course it is not going to convert!

There are a few ways that people can end up on your website:

  • Search Engine (Google or Bing)
  • Direct (usually from word of mouth, or seeing a print ad)
  • Paid Advertisements (Google Ads or Facebook Ads)
  • Referrals from Other Websites

The first thing to do is to figure out how your existing traffic (if any) is arriving at your website. The way that you do this is to install Google Analytics and then review your analytics closely. The “acquisitions” section is very handy for this.

Search engines traffic is arguably the most valuable traffic (aside from people who come in directly from word of mouth). The people looking for music lessons on Google are the people who are actively ready to sign up for lessons. If you are receiving no traffic from search engines, then you  need to work on SEO for your music lesson website.

Is my website providing a great user experience to potential students?

If you are receiving traffic, but you have a high “bounce rate” and you are still not getting student inquiries, it is possible that visitors are being turned off by something on your website.

It can be difficult to diagnose this, but some of the things you should check are:

  • Is your navigation is clean and concise?
  • Do you answer any questions the visitor might have quickly?
  • Does your website work great on computers, phones AND tablets?
  • Is there a clear call to action (CTA)?

A great way to check on  user experience to have a friend or family member who is not particularly tech-savvy take a look at the site.

If they’re confused, then it’s possible your visitors will be confused, too!

Is there a clear CTA (call to action) on each page of my website?

One of the most important things when marketing your music lesson business through a website is to be very clear about the action you want your visitors to take!

Do you want them to call you, or fill out a form?

Is my website working properly?

Technical problems can be really bad on your website, especially when it comes to the part of the process where new students contact you for more info or to sign up!

Make sure to go through your website periodically to check for:

  • Software & Plugin Updates
  • Broken Links
  • Buttons that Don’t work
  • Forms that aren’t arriving into your e-mail (or your funnel software)

If your website isn’t sending the inquiries over to you, it’s worthless!

If you need further help with your music lesson website, contact WebMaestra!

WebMaestra's Philosophy


I take pride in my work and therefore, I am upfront and honest every step of the way.

You will always know what you are paying for, how much approximate time it will take, and how much it costs beforehand.

Many web designers outsource important development work and charge a premium for a product that is sub-par. I am strongly against this practice.

I am the one who does the work.


Your website is an important marketing tool used to paint an engaging picture of your business.

I will work closely and directly with you to create a website that accurately and positively reflects your music lesson business.

Proven marketing experience specific to music lessons as well as unique and versatile technical and copywriting skillsets.

This combination allows me to code, design, and even provide content for your website.