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What is SSL and Why Do I need it?

September 12, 2018

Google wants you to have an SSL Certificate! Additionally, it provides protection to your website visitors.

What is SSL?

SSL is short for “secure socket layer” – without going into extreme details, it is a security technology which allows information to be transferred safely between two locations, such as two different websites, or between your browser and a website.

It does this by taking the data that is being sent, and jumbling it up into what we could consider nonsense (this is called “encryption”).

Imagine it like a bodyguard for information such as credit card numbers, passwords, etc!

Why do I need it?

  1. Google Likes SSL. they use it as a tie breaker between sites to help them rank you in the search engine
  2. To protect users’ personal information: especially important for PCI compliance and GDPR compliance
  3. Prevents Scary Messages in Web Browsers: these can drive away visitors!

Other Resources

Many hosting companies are now offering FREE SSL certificates. I like Siteground, because their customer service is fast and efficient, and it’s easy to install with just a few clicks.


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