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Last Updated 10/11/22

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a minute to first thank you for being loyal clients! I appreciate your business greatly.

Over the last two months, I have been migrating each client one by one over to a NEW support ticket system.

The most exciting feature is that you are now able to reply to tickets directly in e-mail without logging into the system. I hope this will make receiving support much easier for you!

If your account has already been migrated, you should have already received an activation e-mail and your current open tickets have been moved over. Even If you have not been migrated, you may use this new system to send me NEW tickets.

The migration process will be complete for all clients before October 31, 2022.

The new support URL is:

Your log-in is your e-mail address from the OLD support system.

Thank you all for being patient as I make this transition!


If you still need to access the old system to read our previous communication, please add a ticket in the new system and I will get you a CSV copy of it. I will be keeping this database available until April 30, 2023, when it will be removed from my servers.

How to Get Support

Click the questions below to read the answers.

Log in a the link above with the e-mail address you were using with the old system. Each task should be a separate ticket and should be specifically titled (so no ticket subjects that just say “website” or “problem”)

Reply to the e-mail that freshdesk sends out, or log in above.

Leave a voicemail at (424) 999-5825 AND add a new ticket to the system above.

It is often necessary to send embed code  or other code to your developer. Two important things to note:

  1.  Code cannot be pasted directly into the text box in tickets, because it is a security concern.
  2. Code should never be sent by screenshot.

To send code in a ticket:

  1. In the description box, you’ll se an icon that looks like: { }When you click it, a pop up box will appear.
  2. Under “select language” drop down, choose “Generic language”
  3. Paste your code in to the box that says “enter code”
  4. Hit “save” and your code will be pasted into the ticket.