SEO for Music Schools and Teachers

“How do I get my music lesson website to rank higher on Google?”  The quintessential question – to which  the answer is: SEO! I am proud to offer my expertise in SEO for music teachers and educational businesses.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization on your website can be very confusing and stressful if you have never dealt with it before, and even if you have!

Some common issues I’ve seen with music schools who are trying to achieve placement on Google are:

  • High Costs, No Results: There are a lot of other slimy SEO “experts” out there who are taking advantage of music schools by charging a LOT of money and producing no measurable results.
  • Constant Change: Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithmms
  • Tech Challenges: It can be very difficult to navigate the tech needs on your website to stay relevant in search rankings.

That’s where I come in.

As a fellow music teacher who has been doing SEO for more than 10 years, I keep up with the latest trends for you! I also am a web developer, so I can help with all of the tricky tech stuff, or speak to your current web developer in a way they can understand what needs to be done.

WebMaestra now offers a variety of SEO services for music teachers. I have consistently worked with a variety of businesses to combine their marketing plan with a solid search engine plan. I will work closely with you to make sure that every facet of your website is up to par. This allows for the best performance on the search engines possible.

So, How does music teacher SEO work?

Well, one thing to remember is that SEO is not necessarily a straight shot to getting more piano students.

The main thing that most music schools want to focus on is local SEO.

The first steps I take are the following:

  1. Analysis: If you have an existing site, I will review it and see what needs to be done to fully optimize it
  2. Keyword and Keyphrase Research: Analysis of your Business/Industry and popular keywords that your competitors are using
  3. Copywriting: Crafting the text and content on your website to maximize the use of keywords
  4. Technical Optimization: This often includes re-coding or restructuring of your website.
  5. Site Submission: Submit necessary information to popular search engines
  6. Statistical Monitoring: Watch your site climb in the ranks with analytic tools such as Google Analytics

Many music studios achieve great success with SEO using simply the above. Sometimes, the market is more competetive in some areas  because there are many music schools and private teachers operating in that area. In this case, after the initial steps are taken, there are more in-depth SEO strategies that we can take to help your music school rise in the rankings.

Please note: due to ethical standards and the popularity of this service, my music teacher SEO services are limited in certain locations. If I do happen to have a client in your area, I am able to provide consultations only.

Click here to schedule an initial consultation.

To get a basic introduction to SEO for music schools and teachers, listen to my guest episode on the Music Lesson Business Academy Podcast!

"It is not often you can find someone with expertise in design and programming along with SEO expertise-that is what I found in working with Christina. She expertly guided me through things I had no clue of and helped me launch my first business online. I was particularly impress with Christina’s knowledge in Music Education and web development proving herself to be a rare unicorn. Christina’s services would be an asset to any startup company. " -Jamal

WebMaestra's Philosophy


I take pride in my work and therefore, I am upfront and honest every step of the way.

You will always know what you are paying for, how much approximate time it will take, and how much it costs beforehand.

Many web designers outsource important development work and charge a premium for a product that is sub-par. I am strongly against this practice.

I am the one who does the work.


Your website is an important marketing tool used to paint an engaging picture of your business.

I will work closely and directly with you to create a website that accurately and positively reflects your music lesson business.

Proven marketing experience specific to music lessons as well as unique and versatile technical and copywriting skillsets.

This combination allows me to code, design, and even provide content for your website.
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