SEO for Music Schools and Teachers

I am proud to offer my expertise in SEO for music teachers and educational businesses. One of the main questions I am asked is “how do I get my music lesson website to rank higher on Google?” The answer to that question is: SEO!

Implementing Search Engine Optimization on your website can be very confusing and stressful if you have never dealt with it before.

Lucky for you – I am a fellow music teacher who has been doing SEO for more than 10 years. I have consistently worked with a variety of businesses to combine their marketing plan with a solid search engine plan. In 2017-2018, I have been focusing on SEO for music teachers primarily.

To get a basic introduction to SEO for music schools and teachers, listen to my guest episode on the Music Lesson Business Academy Podcast!

Google is constantly changing its algorithm, and I keep up with the newest trends (such as voice search) for you!

This is a high-end concierge service specializing in SEO for music teachers.

As a fellow music business owner, I will work closely with you to make sure that every facet of your website is up to par. This allows for the best performance on the search engines possible. Music teacher SEO often involves a lot of restructuring of your website, as well as a lot of writing.

Out of fairness to each of my clients, I am only able to take one client at a time in each target city.

Ready to take your music lesson website to the next level?

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