I love sharing things that have helped me along the way in my music studio over the last 17 years!

Below is a list of programs, products, and people who will help you get your music lesson website and business up to the next level!

Help with Branding & Marketing for your Music School

Music Lesson Business Academy

Free Design Elements for Your Website

Font Awesome
Pexels Free Stock Photos

Lead Capture Software

Gravity Forms

Music Studio Management

My Music Staff

Cool Things for Your Music Studio

KidzRock & Jr. Rockerz
JoyTunes’ PianoMaestro
SeeSaw Classroom Management
Susan Hong Studio
CNT Creations’ NoteSpeed Card Game

Need More Help?

If you're stumped on this stuff, I'm here to help. Send me an e-mail and we will decide together what the next step is!