Learn WordPress

Learn WordPress

A lot of music teachers seem to be afraid of WordPress. You don’t have to be!

I have created a video course to walk you through every step of creating a WordPress site for your music school or studio.

In this course specifically designed for music teachers and music studios, I will walk you through each aspect of WordPress, in clear, easy to understand videos.


What's Included?

  • How to Install Wordpress with One Click
  • How to Add Pages to Your Website
  • How to Add Pictures to Your Website
  • How to Add Video to Your Website
  • Using Plugins to Make Your Site Do MORE!
  • How to Keep Your Site Secure
  • How to Make a Backup
  • FREE BONUS: How to Setup an Email Account
  • FREE BONUS: How to Connect MMS and TeacherZone
"Christina did an amazing job on my author website, and she gave me a super helpful Wordpress tutorial so I'm now able to navigate Wordpress (which can be a bit intimidating if you're not familiar with it)"

- Rachel K. Burke, Author of The Skinny Chick's Cook Book

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