Build a Website that Converts

Custom Websites for Musicians, Music Schools, & Music Teachers

Whether you have an existing website for your music school or you are just starting out, having an online presence involves a lot of moving parts and can be confusing. Allow an expert to step in and help you out of some of that confusion!

Popular web design services for music teachers and schools

If you are looking for professional and affordable website help for your music lesson business, you’ve arrived at the perfect spot. WebMaestra offers a wide array of services to help you create the best website to market your music lesson business online.

  • Build or Improve your website with the WebMaestra WordPress Theme
  • Customize or Improve an Existing WordPress Website
  • Improve User Experience with small design changes (UI/UX)
  • Build a Squarespace or Weebly website
  • Upgrade your Wix Website to WordPress or Squarespace

(if you don’t see what you need, please ask- I’m well versed in a lot of items that are not listed above!)

My name is Christina and I have over 20 years of experience building websites. I have worked at professional graphic design firms and for many years as a freelance developer.

From domains, to hosting, to coding, to all of the popular website platforms: you name it, and I’ve probably worked with it before in some capacity!

Easy to Use WordPress Theme for Music Teachers and Schools

In my opinion, WordPress is the absolute gold standard for building a successful website – only if you use a good WP theme.

Over the last few years, I’ve built numerous custom websites for music schools and found that most people have similar needs.

I created a WordPress template that takes all of the marketing, branding, technical, and SEO knowledge and rolls it right up in one easy to use and attractive package.

The WebMaestra Theme is specially designed for music teachers and music schools.

Learn More About WebMaestra Theme

Squarespace Web Design for Music Teachers

I recognize that you have many choices in terms of platforms for your website. While WordPress might be my first choice, my second choice is Squarespace.

Squarespace has many nice web designs setup that would work for a music school. I’m happy to assist you in the setup of your new website if this is the service you prefer to use.

Other Platforms

If you would like to build or have already built your music lesson website on another platform, and need help, please reach out! While I prefer WordPress or Squarespace, I have many years of experience and I’m extremely comfortable working with the majority of platforms out there. As a web developer, I have worked in Wix, Joomla, Shopify, Big Commerce, and many more.

I can also help you choose the platform that is best for you.

What do I need before I start?

Your music lesson website project will be most efficient if you have the following all ready to go:

  • Text Content (atleast 300 words per page)
  • Quality photos
  • A logo
  • A font picked out
  • A color scheme in mind
  • A Domain Name
  • Website Hosting

How long does it take to complete a website?

The length of time it takes to complete your website will be determined on a number of factors, including but not limited to: how complicated your project is, how quickly you get me the information needed, and how long it takes us to work together to confirm exactly what you’re looking for.

This means some projects may only take a day or two, and others can take a few weeks to a few months!

I am always upfront about how long it will take me to complete your project, and I love being given reasonable deadlines!

How much does a website cost?

The cost of your music lesson website will depend upon which package you choose, and any customization needed for your individual situation.

I will work with you the best I can on your budget.

What if I need help later?

A lot of web designers create a site and then disappear, leading to major problems for their client! That is not how I operate.

Once your website is complete, you receive access to my support ticket system, which I monitor regularly. If your website needs maintenance, repairs, or you need help adding things to it, we communicate there and keep track of all of your needs!

WebMaestra's Philosophy


I take pride in my work and therefore, I am upfront and honest every step of the way.

You will always know what you are paying for, how much approximate time it will take, and how much it costs beforehand.

Many web designers outsource important development work and charge a premium for a product that is sub-par. I am strongly against this practice.

I am the one who does the work.


Your website is an important marketing tool used to paint an engaging picture of your business.

I will work closely and directly with you to create a website that accurately and positively reflects your music lesson business.

Proven marketing experience specific to music lessons as well as unique and versatile technical and copywriting skillsets.

This combination allows me to code, design, and even provide content for your website.